"I have been working with Jan Birchfield, the founder of CLD, for the past five years and I can only describe the experience as a transformational journey. My personal growth, professional development, and vastly improved leadership skills are all directly linked to the work I have undertaken with her. Jan’s ability to help me define - and refine - who I am and what I want to be has been powerful - one of the hardest, most amazing and fulfilling experiences of my life."

— Tracy Nelson, Director, Curriculum Design, Novo Nordisk

"Contemplative Leadership Development combines a highly professional perspective with a very personal and insightful one as they examine culture and leadership. Jan and her team see reality objectively and provide tangible methods of transformation. I would give my highest recommendation to a leader of any organization to take advantage of CLD’s expertise and real-world experience."

— Carl Hartman, CEO, Geometry Global

"Going through CLD’s leadership program was an in-depth search of who I am and why I do what I do. This search never ends, but with the guidance and structure provided by Jan, I was able to accelerate this process, connecting to what really matters to me, and becoming more aware of my strengths and derailers. As a consequence, I am able to face day-to-day challenges with greater serenity, and I am a much more effective leader."

— Cintia Piccina, IMP, Sales Strategy and Excellence, Novartis

Problems we solve

"In my business we are moving away from the production of commodities to a service culture, and so human capital is even more important. The kind of leadership required is different than what was needed in the past - flexible, adaptable, self-aware, humble, and inspiring to others. I want to become a more effective leader for this service-based economy."

— Jessica, Chief Operating Officer, Cable Company

"Right now, the biggest challenge for leaders is not how to meet Wall Street expectations, or how to develop a corporate vision, or even how to create a business-building strategy - the biggest challenge is the impact of stress on the decision-making process that underlies all of these issues."

— Kai, Senior Vice President, Financial Services

"Through my entire career I have had the same issues crop up over and over again. I know what my shortcomings are, but I have never been able to change them."

— Margaret, Chief Information Officer, Pharmaceutical Company

"Most people develop their leadership skills through trial and error. I want to better understand the fundamentals of leadership before my next promotion, instead of waiting until I am in the job and then discovering what I don’t know."

— Jeffrey, Director, Global Media Agency

"I have a direct report who is phenomenal in most ways, but has a serious shortcoming that is derailing her. I have given her this feedback but she never seems to change. I am unsure what to do."

— Keith, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing Company