Private Leadership Retreats

Retreats allow the work of inner development to maturate in a way that is not possible in shorter coaching sessions. Because we will have time together that is extended and unhurried, there is an opportunity to explore contemplative practices, such as meditation – practices that will help you develop greater equanimity and inner calm, and deepen your access to inner guidance.


Individual retreats are geared towards leaders who wish to:

fast-track their development  •  better manage chronic stress or burn-out  •  incorporate contemplative practices such as meditation into their work  •  increase mental clarity and equanimity  •  increase creativity or the capacity to innovate  •  move through a period of transition with greater clarity, insight, and integration


Leadership Retreat

4 Night / 3 Day Leadership Retreat

Retreats are custom designed in conjunction with you, taking into consideration both the culture of your organization and the priorities of your company. Generally, we meet in the morning and the afternoon, taking a break midday so that there is an opportunity for you to reflect on our morning session and to hike or rest. Our sessions are held in a spacious studio on the second floor of our retreat facility. 

Cost: $12,300 (includes lodging, a private chef, and three full days of coaching)

The Retreat Center

Our retreat center sits on five acres of land within half a mile of downtown Taos. 
We meet in a spacious, sunny room on the top floor of the facility, overlooking Taos mountain. 


We serve delicious, organic and, whenever possible, locally grown produce. Your menu will be customized specifically for your dietary needs and preferences. All meals are provided by Dillon Tisdel, a private chef trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Dietary Consultation

For those who would like to explore eating in a way that supports clarity of mind, Dillon is available for nutritional consultation.

Her excellence lies, in part, in recognizing the difficulty of dietary change and making recommendations that are accessible.


Accommodations are provided in our lovely guesthouse, a short walk from the facility where we will meet for sessions.

Taos, New Mexico

If you have the time to come to northern New Mexico a day early, or to stay a day later, we strongly encourage you to do so. We will also take advantage of the beauty of Taos and the surrounding mountains, spending some time in nature. There will be opportunities to read, write, hike, and rest.