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Below you will find a description of our services offered by Contemplate Leadership Development, which can be purchased separately or as a bundle. Pricing is available upon request.


There is usually a discrepancy between how people see themselves and how others view them. Our assessment process helps leaders close this gap. Using a rigorous set of assessment tools, you will be given extensive feedback on your leadership style, interpersonal strengths and weaknesses, decision-making processes, and the blind spots that can affect performance. The first assessment involves the completion of a set of personality and leadership tests. The second is an in-depth evaluation based on interviews with your colleagues. These can be purchased separately or as a package.

Assessment Based on Testing

This assessment involves the completion of four personality and leadership tests: the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Millon Index of Personality Styles, and the Millon Clinical Multiaxal Inventory. Based on these assessments we will compose a detailed report outlining your leadership profile.

Leadership Assessment Based on Qualitative Research

In this assessment, we conduct a series of interviews with your colleagues and write a 20-25 page report based on what we have heard. Unlike most “360” bullet point assessments, our narrative format reads like a story, providing a level of nuance that our clients find compelling. Many leaders say that this assessment is the most insightful feedback that they have received in their career. Using this feedback as a point of departure for discussion, we schedule a coaching session. Our goal is to identify 3-4 leadership goals that will take your leadership to the next level.


Individual coaching represents the heart of our work together. Our coaching sessions are conducted by phone, usually on a once or twice-a-month basis. We will help you build a foundation of self-knowledge that will clarify and strengthen your leadership.  We will help you find a greater sense of balance, equanimity and calm within, honing your decision-making skills, and enhancing your effectiveness with others. Our assessment process helps us identify the critical goals necessary to take you to the next level.

Our core strength is in helping people find an authentic approach to leadership. We do not ask you to adopt behaviors that are not intrinsic to your nature. Rather, we draw from you what is true, helping you relax into your true nature and your innate capacity to lead.

Because each person is unique, the program will be customized, taking into consideration your organization’s culture and mission. Many clients come for a yearly individual retreat at our facility in Taos, New Mexico as this provides a rare opportunity for deeper reflection away from the pressures of the office.

This is an excellent program for taking a highly effective leader to his or her potential, for preparing a person for a promotion or a greater scope of responsibility, or for addressing a persistent problem with an otherwise effective executive.  We are also particularly effective with leaders who are experiencing chronic stress, and, as a result, have lost a sense of inspiration in their work or are concerned about their long-term sustainability.


We offer one- and two-day seminars providing leadership assessment and development that will help you better understand yourself, better understand your colleagues, improve communication, and build collaboration.  We cover a broad range of topics, including the current demands on leaders in a global environment, the relevance of emotional and intuitive intelligence to leadership, the relationship between authentic leadership and high performing teams, and the multiple styles of leadership that are required in today’s world. Our leadership seminars are custom designed in conjunction with you at the location of your choice.


We have a particular passion for the Enneagram - a personality and assessment tool that builds emotional intelligence and helps teams better understand the dynamics of their group processes. We like this model because of its depth and its dynamic nature, as it indicates how we tend to behave under stress and offers specific information in terms of what will help us grow. We teach this model both on an individual basis and through group seminars. It is a wonderful tool for helping leaders grow individually and for building collaboration within a group.


This is a one-year development program for high potentials or senior leaders. We begin with our assessment process and a goal-setting session, discerning the core issues that need to be addressed in order to take you to the next level as a leader. We follow up with monthly virtual coaching sessions. During the course of the year we arrange a three-day individual leadership intensive in Taos, providing an opportunity for in-depth coaching. This is an excellent program for:

  • leaders in transition
  • high potentials that you wish to retain within your organization
  • fast-tracking your development
  • managing chronic stress or burn-out
  • incorporating contemplative practices such as meditation into your work.



It is not possible to gain a broader perspective of your organization or your leadership when your nose is constantly pressed to the grindstone. As the demands of leadership in a global economy increase, it is imperative that senior leaders have an opportunity to step away from their work and reflect. We offer this opportunity at our facility in Taos, New Mexico.

Our individual retreats are custom designed in order to meet your specific interests and needs. Your leadership goals and present-day challenges will provide a point of departure for our work together.

Our group retreats are held at our facility in Taos and can also be arranged off-site.