Our Mission

Contemplative Leadership Development supports the transformation of leaders and, subsequently, those that they serve, by cultivating a stronger connection between inner wisdom – the true source of leadership – and actions taken in the world.
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Practically, we aspire to... 

  • Help you develop greater clarity of mind

  • Re-energize you when you have lost a sense of inspiration and creativity

  • Help you through periods of transition

  • Illuminate your strengths and support permanent change in areas of challenge

  • Prepare you for a promotion

  • Address shortcomings that have historically been resistant to change

  • Serve as a sounding board when you seek an outside perspective

  • Address burnout and chronic stress


results of our work together...

  • Leveraging your strengths

  • Identifying the limitations that undermine you

  • Developing resilience in the face of stress

  • Revitalizing creativity

  • Strengthening your capacity to innovate

  • Refining emotional intelligence

  • Developing greater effectiveness interpersonally

  • Using multiple leadership styles with greater agility and effectiveness

  • Increasing energy

  • Increasing inspiration

  • Refining your intuition


How do we do it?

Our work begins with an assessment of your leadership including a battery of tests and an in depth analysis of perceptions of you within your organization. Based on this assessment, we set goals. Coaching sessions are conducted virtually, usually on a once-a-month basis, more often if necessary. During the course of the year, you may come to our facility in Taos, New Mexico for an individual retreat. This provides a unique opportunity for reflection away from the daily pressures of the office.

Coaching sessions are creative and dynamic, meeting you where you are and figuring out how to take you to the next level. Our conversations are guided by your core leadership goals, along with the immediate challenges that you are facing on a day-to-day basis. Your daily struggles are like flags marking the exact place where we need to drill down, and we can drill as deep as you care to. Our work together will, at times, be incredibly fun, and at other times, deeply inspirational. Rarely is this work dull. Humor is critical.