I support leaders and those that they serve by strengthening the connection between inner wisdom and actions taken in the world.



Distinct from self-knowledge, self-awareness is the capacity to be present to your experience as it is occurring, and is your most powerful leverage for change and real response in the world.



Knowledge comes from the mind. Wisdom arises from intuition. I help you increase your access to intuitive wisdom, impacting creativity and your capacity to innovate.



By cultivating a state of awareness that is both fully relaxed and highly alert, I help you bring greater clarity to all that you do. This, in turn, increases a sense of wellbeing.


Dear friends and colleagues,  My interest is in helping leaders awaken to their highest potential by increasing intuitive and emotional intelligence and strengthening character. I do not work from a specific template, imposing a framework upon you or your organizational culture. Rather, I work from the ground up, letting your specific context and truth inform me. Together, we listen both within and without, seeking clarity through direct apprehension. The highest form of leadership emanates from conscious leadership, meaning moment to moment awareness. Contemplative practices help us come more fully into the present, unleashing fresh ways of seeing, spontaneity, clarity, and a more consistent sense of well being.
It is a great honor to offer this work. — Jan Birchfield


Silent Leaders explores inner clarity and its capacity to awaken our highest potential, and challenges the myth that chronic stress is unavoidable, exploring how we might use the relentless pace of our lives as motivation to find greater inner clarity and a deeper calm within.

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Group and individual retreats are either offsite, or offered at our Retreat Center, which sits on five acres of land within half a mile of downtown Taos, New Mexico. We meet in a spacious, sunny room on the top floor of the facility, overlooking Taos mountain.

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