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Turning Towards Ecological Challenge: a Portal Beyond Despair

A 3-day Leadership Retreat

As our planet stands on the brink of ecological collapse, those who are on the front line of this work face a particular kind of psychological, emotional and spiritual challenge. It requires tremendous courage to face the brutal reality of this crisis, and, over time, particularly for those who look over this precipice on a daily basis, it can take a toll, leading to exhaustion, burnout, and a desperate feeling that it is our personal responsibility to save the world.

Given the enormity of the ecological challenges that we face, existential questions come to the fore:

How do we find the courage to turn towards the reality of the desecration of our earth without numbing out or falling into despair?

How do we learn to embrace and trust all of the cycles of creation, including times of destruction and decay?

How can we live through this time with less fear and resistance, and more joy and connection, so that we can serve more gracefully?

How do we find a way to problem solve, envision, and lead from a place of clarity as opposed to fear?


How do we cultivate a relationship to the deepest substratum within us so that we can act from our highest self?


CLD offers individual and group retreats for those on the front line of environmental degradation, providing an opportunity to turn towards our internal response to the moment that we are in. By so doing—confronting our fear, grief, and questions about existence itself—we can find greater clarity and courage as we go forward. Individual retreats are scheduled in conjunction with Jan Birchfield and group retreats are custom designed based upon the particular needs of your organization.

The Retreat Center

Our retreat center sits on five acres of land within half a mile of downtown Taos. 
We meet in a spacious, sunny room on the top floor of the facility, overlooking Taos mountain. 

Dining Area
& Kitchen

Our dining area is on the ground floor of the retreat center and offers a teaching kitchen.

All meals are provided by Dillon Tisdel, a private chef trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Food and Accommodations

We serve delicious, organic and, whenever possible, locally grown produce. For group retreats, there are a number of options for places to stay within a short walk of the retreat center. 

GROUP details 

A list of possible accommodations will be provided for each retreat. 

Breakfast will be taken at your place of accommodation.

Lunch and dinner will be provided by Dillon Tisdel, a private chef trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, and served at our retreat facility.


Taos, New Mexico

If you have the time to come to northern New Mexico a day early, or to stay a day later, we strongly encourage you to do so. We will also take advantage of the beauty of Taos and the surrounding mountains, spending some time in nature. There will be opportunities to read, write, hike, and rest.