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9 Ways of Leading: Self-Inquiry Using the ‘Enneagram’

A 2-day Leadership Retreat

The Enneagram is an in-depth personality model that offers nine different approaches to leadership. Each type encompasses a set of strengths or strategies for mastering the world and a set of blindspots that are often the flip side of the strengths. There is not any one type that is better or worse than any other, and all nine types are capable of leadership excellence.  

About this Retreat

The enneagram cannot account for the infinite complexity of human beings. However, the advantage of any model is that it takes this infinite complexity and brings certain features into the foreground. By bringing key characteristics into sharp relief, we often see ourselves differently, increasing self-knowledge.    

Who we are drives how we lead. The Enneagram shows how the strengths and shortcomings inherent in each type both informs and limits an individual’s perspective, directly impacting motivation, learning, emotional intelligence, communication, and leadership. The Enneagram helps us broaden our worldview and increases our understanding of the worldview of others. It helps us see how we react under stress and offers a development path for change.


During our time together we will

  1. Identify each person’s primary type.

  2. Study the way in which each type lives within us as a way to better understand our own nature as well as the nature of those around us;

  3. Explore presence as a core leadership competency and as a way of managing stress. Offer practical tools that strengthen moment-to-moment awareness.

  4. Set leadership goals based on what we have learned.

The Retreat Center

Our retreat center sits on five acres of land within half a mile of downtown Taos. 
We meet in a spacious, sunny room on the top floor of the facility, overlooking Taos mountain. 

Dining Area
& Kitchen

Our dining area is on the ground floor of the retreat center and offers a teaching kitchen.

All meals are provided by Dillon Tisdel, a private chef trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Food and Accommodations

We serve delicious, organic and, whenever possible, locally grown produce. For group retreats, there are a number of options for places to stay within a short walk of the retreat center. 

GROUP details 

A list of possible accommodations will be provided for each retreat. 

Breakfast will be taken at your place of accommodation.

Lunch and dinner will be provided by Dillon Tisdel, a private chef trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, and served at our retreat facility.


Taos, New Mexico

If you have the time to come to northern New Mexico a day early, or to stay a day later, we strongly encourage you to do so. We will also take advantage of the beauty of Taos and the surrounding mountains, spending some time in nature. There will be opportunities to read, write, hike, and rest.